Writing a biography


The hardest part about filling your website with content is not picking which pictures to use or what videos to display; it is writing your own biography. A biography on your site gives the viewer a snapshot into your life that your resume credits don’t provide. Sure you could just fill it with a list of your most impressive professional accomplishments, but it is better to give it a personal touch that lets the user know who you are as a person.

So often clients of mine have trouble writing their own bios (there’s a joke in there somewhere about actors always talking about themselves, but I digress). If you are having trouble writing a few paragraphs that sum up your personal or professional life so far, do what the pros do and hire a ghostwriter. Pick someone who knows you really well, like your Mom or your best friend, and have them write a bio for you. It keeps you from getting hung up on details and helps take your own personal bias out of it. If nothing else, it gives you a starting point that you can edit later. Unless you have an actual ghost from a 90’s TV show writing it for you, then just do whatever he says.

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