Site Re-Launch – Joanna Parson

Joanna Parson has been one of our clients for many years now, and we are thrilled to debut her newest site. We launched an actress site for her way back in 2011, and then a website for her business Letter Perfect Transcription in 2013. She recently announced that she is publishing a novel, so she… Read on →

Site Launch – Lindsay Nicole Chambers

Lindsay Nicole Chambers is a hilarious actress that is currently on tour with KINKY BOOTS! Previously, you may have seen her as Gail in the web series Submissions Only. Her old site was a sad GoDaddy landing page, so we fixed her up with a new one. Check her out, and be sure to catch… Read on →

Site Launch – 10 Chairs

We had the pleasure of meeting Patricia Williams at one of her 10 Chairs events and got to eat some of her incredibly delicious cooking. She has created an awesome new and experimental way to experience food; in a small setting surrounded by friends and eating foods prepared with the finest ingredients. Every few weeks… Read on →

Site Re-launch – Blaire Baker

Blaire Baker has been a client of ours for a few years. She recently got a whole new set of headshots from Dirty Sugar Photography and wanted to update her website to match. We decided to feature those beautiful shots in all their full screen glory and build a single page scrolling parallax site for… Read on →

June and July Contributions

Check out my latest posts around the web. DIY PVC Pipe Ladder Golf Game Classic Backyard Water Toys to Cool Off Your Summer Biking Made Safer, Easier, & More Fun with Cool New Technology My First Visit to the Ob-Gyn with My Pregnant Wife DIY Road Trip Bingo Road Trip Technology: Driver Essentials How Dumb… Read on →

Site Launch – Leo Ash Evens

We had the pleasure of creating a new web design for Leo Ash Evens, a wonderful performer and acting coach based in New York. He last appeared on Broadway in the revival of Jesus Christ Superstar, and was last seen as Riff in West Side Story on the West End. As a coach, he works… Read on →

Site Launch – Arbender Robinson

Arbender J. Robinson is a Broadway veteran who has appeared in a ton of productions on the Great White Way. He was recently honored with the presentation of The Gypsy Robe, and is currently in the cast of Les Misérables. His website is another project that we saved from the barren landscape that used to… Read on →

Roundhouse Contributions

In case you haven’t heard, I’m gonna be a dad! And in honor of my first Father’s Day, I have started blogging for a new site called Momtastic. You can follow along over there as Chelsea and I navigate our adventures in parenthood. DIY Hair Pomade for Father’s Day And as usual, I am still blogging along at… Read on →

Site Launch – Rock The Audition

Sheri Sanders has been a long time client of ours for her personal website. Her business website, Rock The Audition, was originally developed as a flash based site by Starving Artist Web Design a few years ago. As flash sites have fallen out of favor, Sheri realized it was time to re-launch the site in… Read on →

Site Launch – Georgia Stitt

This site has actually been in soft launch for a few months now, but we are thrilled to announce it to the world this week! Georgia Stitt is a fantastic musical theatre composer that Nick and I both met while we were students at The University of Michigan. We all worked on a workshop production of… Read on →

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